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Acrylic Wall clock

Acrylic Wall Clock

Introducing our stunning acrylic wall clock with wooden numerals and hands, the perfect blend of modern and rustic style. Crafted from high-quality clear acrylic, this clock features a minimalist design with bold, easy-to-read wooden numerals in a clean and contemporary font. The wooden hands are finished in a rich, warm tone, adding a touch of organic warmth to the sleek and modern acrylic design.

Measuring at 35cm (13.7"), this wall clock is the perfect size for any room. Hang it in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even in your office for a stylish and functional decor piece. The clear acrylic material allows this clock to seamlessly blend in with any decor style, while the wooden elements add a natural and rustic touch.

With its clean lines, minimalist design, and warm wooden accents, this acrylic wall clock is the perfect statement piece for any room. Order yours today and elevate your space with a touch of modern sophistication and rustic charm.

    €80.00 Regular Price
    €72.00Sale Price