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 Wooden Jewelry Box with drawer

Wooden Jewelry Box with drawer

Introducing our customizable wooden jewelry box with a drawer, meticulously crafted from durable 4mm plywood.

Measuring at a perfect size of 265x203x160 mm, this exquisite box offers both functionality and personalisation.

With two levels of storage, the top tier features six compartments for organizing your jewelry pieces with ease, while the second level boasts a spacious drawer for additional storage.

Adding to its charm is the elegant acrylic lid, providing a clear view of your jewelry collection while adding a touch of sophistication to your vanity or dressing table.

What sets it apart is the option for custom engraving, allowing you to immortalize a name or meaningful phrase, making it a truly unique and cherished keepsake.

Elevate your jewelry storage with our meticulously crafted wooden jewelry box, designed to stand the test of time while reflecting your personal touch.


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